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If you want to keep both versions of Thunderbird running (Latest and older releases), do not uninstall the latest version of Thunderbird. Simply download the release you want from the link above and install it in a different directory.

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Install Windows 11 beta builds on unsupported devices. ... you need to roll back to Windows 10 when Windows 11 is generally available (exists preview) and your device does not meet the ...

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acrobat install keeps rolling back 10 sec from end of inst. hi. i did evry thing there is to do. clean reg, uninstall all old versions, restart comp, reinstall acrobat 11.0 no luck. then i backup my system and restart comp, clean reg again. uninstall again acrobat, install acrobat 10 with the same prob. until now i got no idea what is the reason for the prob. any one can help?

Roll back the application of a patch. If for some reason the result is not satisfactory, you can use the opatch rollback command to remove the patch from the Oracle home. If additional assistance is required, go to My Oracle Support (formerly OracleMeta Link). Rolling Back a Patch You Have AppliedTo downgrade from Windows 11 through a clean install, you'll first need to back up all your data, or whatever you want to keep. The process will delete everything on your drive, so a backup is ...Download the Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update and place it in the C:\install folder. Create an install folder if you don't have one. In File Explorer, right-click on the Exchange Server 2016 CU16 ISO image file and select Mount. It will mount the ISO image to a drive. For example, the E:\ drive.